Genotyping Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Variable Genes using Short Read Data

Scalable tumor phylogeny reconstruction and validation from single-cell data

A fast heuristic tool for reconstructing phylogenetic trees of tumor evolution

Genotype Imputation in Intel SGX

Microbial identification and quantification

A Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Variable Gene genotyping and CNV analysis tool for WGS PacBio Long Reads using ILP Optimization

Combinatorial optimization method for identification of conserved evolutionary trajectories in tumors

Sketching algorithms for genomic data analysis and querying in a secure enclave

A Fast Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Perfect Tumor Phylogeny Reconstruction Problem

Tumor Phylogeny Topology Inference via Deep Learning

Tumor Phylogeny Reconstruction via Integrative use of Single Cell and Bulk Sequencing Data

Correcting Long noisy Reads by Mapping short reads

Accurate Rearrangement Detection using Breakpoint Specific Realignment

Sensitive and Fast Alignment Search Tool for Long Read sequencing Data

Structural Variation and fusion detection using targeted sequencing data from circulating cell free DNA

A software package to compute trees of tumor evolution by integrative use of single-cell and bulk sequencing data

Aldy is a tool for allelic decomposition and exact genotyping of highly polymorphic and structurally variant genes

a combinatorial algorithm to identify subnetworks with conserved molecular alteration pattern across a large subset of a tumor sample cohort

Micro Structural Variant Caller

A software tool for compressing collections of (fixed length) Illumina reads

A computational tool for integration RNA-RNA interactions, RNA-Protein interactions and correlation data in order to infer potential mechanisms for a lncRNA of interest

A new edit distance measure between a pair of clonal trees

A tool for joint inference of clone specific segment and breakpoint copy number in whole genome sequencing data

A tool for Intra-tumor heterogeneity inference from single-sample tumors

A tool for finding out the CYP2D6/CYP2D7 genotypes in the HTS reads

Comparative alternative splicing detection

Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Single Nucleotide Variants and Indels in Circulating Tumour DNA

Optimal Resolution of Ambiguous RNA-Seq Multi-mappings in the Presence of Novel Isoforms

DeeNA Zip (SAM/BAM compression tool)

Network Motif Counting

Optimally Discriminative Subnetwork Biomarkers

Combinatorial algorithm to prioritize cancer driver genes

Clonality Inference in Multiple Tumor Samples using Phylogeny

Discovery of Structural Variation

FASTQ compression via boosting Sequence Compression Algorithms using Locally Consistent Encoding

Discovery of Complex Genomic Rearrangements in Cancer

Novel Sequence Insertion Detection

micro-read substitution-only Fast Alignment Search Tool

Micro Read Fast Alignment Search Tool

Mirroring co-evolving trees in the light of their topologies


Multiple Alignment Manipulator

di-base read Fast Alignment Search Tool

DIScovery of Structural Events Containing Transcripts

Accurate Comparative Detection and Quantification of Expressed Isoforms in a Population

deFuse is a software package for gene fusion discovery using RNA-Seq data.

Discovery of gene fusions using paired end RNA-Seq and WGSS